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Counters, Timers & Rate/Speed Indicators

CUB5 counter

Dual Counter or Counter/Rate Indicator, 39 mm x 75 mm. 8 Digit, 0.46" (12 mm) LCD Reflective, or User-Selectable Green/Red LED Backlighting Preset Capability with Optional Output Card.

Optional Serial Communication Modules (RS232 or RS485).

Ability to Change Display Color at Preset.

Front Panel Programming.

Decimal Points and Scaling.

10 - 28 VDC Power.

Up to 20 KHz count speed.


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CPT4 Counter, Ratemeter, Timer, Multi-totalizer, Batch Counter

Configuration using text menus

Easy modification of presets and multiplication coefficient

SPDT and solid state outputs

LCD and LED display IP65 sealed front panel

1/16 DIN-Sized (48 x 48mm) housing

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812 Series timers

815 Series timers


DIN-Sized (48 x 48mm) Housing

Dual LCD Display Shows Set point & Actual

Up or Down Timing

DPDT Output Relay

DIN-Sized (48 x 48mm) Housing

Retains Cycle Progress During Power Interruptions

Up or Down Timing

2 Delayed SPDT or 1 Delayed SPDT and 1 instantaneous SPDT

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40F96 configurable frequency (rate/speed) meter/indicator

Input from the most common types of sensor

Protected by a code configurable from keypad

4 to 20mA retransmitted output

Up to 3 relay outputs

Configurable by a serial link

Labels to customize measured physical unit

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