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Large Digital Displays

We offer a wide range of large digital displays, with alarm output, analogue retransmission, serial data, linearization, sensor excitation etc. Our Large digit displays can be read indoors across a plant floor or outdoors across a trucking yard. They can display a reading from a wide range of industrial analogue or pulse-output transducers

LDDP Display


LDDP Display

The LDDP-2000 is a highly flexible microprocessor based large digit process display with a standard scaleable display range of - 9999 to + 99999. The display is programmable for a wide variety of industry standard inputs, from an infra red (IR) hand held programmer (Model LDDPH, see ordering information). Only one IR programmer is required to programme as many displays (individually) as is required in any application anywhere on a plant. The LDDP-2000 is suitable for any application where data needs to be viewed from a distance, from the murky environments of heavy processing industries to clean room Laboratory applications.

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The LDDP-2000 is available in 4 standard digit sizes, which relate to the viewing distance required for the data being displayed -

Size (Inch) Mm Viewing Distance
2.3 58 65ft / 20 mtrs
4.0 102 130ft / 40 mtrs
7.0 178 220ft / 70 mtrs
14.0 357 455ft / 140 mtrs

The display's are housed in rugged aluminium enclosures to IP55 / NEMA 12 protection and complete with the hardware for mounting. All wiring connections and input type selection are made via terminals and DIP switches on the rear of the enclosure.

The mounting options are:

  • Panel (models 2.3" and 4" only)
  • Wall, Suspension (all models)

Dimensions Panel Cut-out
2.3" H100 x L347 x D61mm H105 x L352mm
4.0" H155 x L584 x D61mm H160 x L589mm
7.0" H330 x L1140 x D95mm N/A
14.0" H520 x L2160 x D95mm N/A

LDDPH Remote


LDDPH Remote

This feature allows easy ON SITE programming of the display with an easy to use 6 button IR programmer. One programmer is all that is required to re-programme or re-scale the input type on a host of displays anywhere on the plant without major disruption to production.

NOTE: - The LDDPH is required for all 4 sizes of display.

The LDDP-200 is programmable for use with Serial Communications RS-232 or RS-485, it is also programmable for communicating the data by Sending, Broadcasting or Receiving.

Each display is supplied with (two) sample programs for running on a PC. This allows a fast means of checking the operation of a display system.

Application-specific software can be developed by Eagle Controls at very reasonable cost.


  • Display range - 9999 to + 99999
  • Remote hand held IR programmer
  • Programmable Thermocouple inputs J, K, S, T
  • Programmable PT100/RTD inputs 2 or 3 wire
  • Programmable 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 1-5V inputs
  • Programmable +/- 50mV with Tare and Span facility
  • Programmable Serial Communications RS-232 or RS-485
  • Programmable Serial Communications Send, Broadcast, Receive
  • Programmable Last digit filter 1, 5, 10, 25, 50
  • Programmable Decimal point position
  • Excitation supply for field transmitters 12V at 100mA
  • NEMA 12 enclosure / IP64
  • Universal power supply 90-265Vac, CE, UL, CSA approved

Electrical Specification

Display: 5 digit seven segment LED Viewing 100 degrees conical
A to D Converter: Accuracy +/- 0.02% of range
Input resistance: Voltage 10M ohm, Current 100 ohm, Stability 30 ppm/C, Conversion rate 1 per second
Power Supply: 90-265Vac (24Vac/dc optional consult sales office)
Scaling Method: Digital scaling stored in non-volatile memory
Programming remote infra red
Customer variables, zero, span, last digit filter, decimal point
Environmental: Operating temperature 0-50 C / 32-122 F
Humidity 0-85% RH noncondensing

LD & LDA Displays


  • 2.25 & 4" High Red LED Digits
  • Programmable Scaling and Decimal Points
  • Programmable User Input
  • Dual 5 Amp Form C Relay
  • Aluminum NEMA 4X Case Construction
  • RS232/RS485 Serial Communications
  • Universally Powered

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EPAX Displays


  • Large 4" High LED Display - Readable to 180 Feet
  • Various Input Modules Available
  • Alarms, Analog Output, and Communications
  • Programmable User Inputs
  • Universal AC Powered (85 to 250 VAC)
  • PC Software for Meter Configuration
  • NEMA 4/IP65
  • Input Module Ordered Separately

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