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Photoelectric & Proximity Sensors

We offer a full range of photoelectric and proximity sensors and accessories including:

Through beam
Foreground suppression
Diffuse proximity
Luminescence sensors
Laser sensors
Distance sensors
Slot sensors
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Laser Through Beam Sensors

Complete range of optic functions, universal, application and laser class 1. Flat plastic tubular housing for improved versatility or metal cylindrical housing. Versions with axial or radial optics, with fixed, trimmer or EASYtouch™ teach-in adjustment. Cable or M12 connection with EN standard NPN or PNP NO-NC configuration.

Background Suppression Sensors

Adjustable background suppression reaching 12 cm. Axial or radial optics. Plastic or metal M18x1 housing. Double NO-NC standard output.

New background and foreground suppression models. Free voltage versions with relay output. 10-30 Vdc versions with transistor output. Standard cable or M12 connection.

Colour Sensors

3 channel colour sensors with C or C+I functions and 10 tolerance levels. Wide spectrum white light LED emission and RGB photo receiver. 3 independent NPN or PNP outputs and RS485 serial interface. 2 push-button easy setting and 4-digit display. Fibre optic detection of one single colour or chromatic range with Microprocessor-based teach-in setting. Patent-covered CLEARLOCK™ fibre fixing system with M8 connection.

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S41 miniature background suppression sensor

Diffuse or fixed focus proximity

Polarised retroreflex and emitter-receiver with narrow beam

Models with trimmer setting

Double NO-NC NPN or PNP output

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S60 compact background suppression sensor

Complete range of optic functions, basic, advanced and laser class 1. Models with coaxial optics for polarised retroreflex, contrast and luminescence sensors. Trimmer or EASY touch™ setting with Remote, Keylock and Delay functions. Standard cable or M12 connection.

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S62 High Performance background suppression sensor

High-resolution sensors with LED or LASER emission. Background suppression models ranging from 3 cm to 2 m Polarised retro reflex with operating distance reaching 20 m. Sturdy ABS housing with compact 50 x 50 x 18 mm dimensions. NPN or PNP double output with standard NO-NC configuration

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S65-V Colour sensors

3 channel colour sensor with C or C+I functions and 10 tolerance levels

Wide spectrum white light LED emission and RGB photoreceiver

3 independent NPN or PNP outputs and RS485 serial interface

2 push-button easy setting and 4 digit display

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Contrast Sensor

High resolution and RGB LED emission with automatic colour selection. Very fast switching frequency and low response time. Easy sensor setting by means of two pushbuttons Mark/Backgroundd. Sturdy plastic housing with standard dimensions and fixing holes.

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S5 retro reflective sensor

Wide versatility of optic functions and connections. High operating distances for all functions. Models with trimmer adjustment and stability LED. Rugged and impermeable plastic housing.

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SL5 retro reflective sensor with laser emission

Visible red class 1 laser emission. Proximity models for high-resolution detections. Retro reflex and through beam versions for long operating distances. Trimmer sensitivity adjustment and stability LED.

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Small series Sub-miniature retro reflex photoelectric sensors

15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm fixed focus proximity. 1.5 m retroreflex and 1 m polarised retroreflex. 2 m through beam models. Amplified NPN or PNP output with NO-NC double output.

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S7 High resolution fibre-optic sensors

10 bit resolution models with 500 µs response for high operating distances. 12 bit resolution models with 50 µs response and 4 digit display for high speed. Cost-effective models with multiturn trimmer adjustment. EASYtouch™ push-button setting with remote control, keylock and output delay. Ultra-thin housing with CLEARLOCK™ patented fibre fixing system.

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Area Sensor

Area sensors with crossed beams. 100 mm controlled height. Operating distance reaching 2.1 m. 0.2 mm minimum detectable thickness. PNP output and Scan mode input.

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Smart camera sensor

640x480 VGA resolution.

Integrated or external illuminator.

Interchangeable optics with standard CS-mount.

Teach-in setting or PC graphic user interface.

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Inductive Proximity Sensors

Georjam offers a variety of inductive sensor solutions: standard designs, block styles, extended range, weld field-immune, specialized sensing – whatever the need, there’s an inductive sensor that will provide optimum service. These sensors monitor, control, measure, and automate production sequences with high reliability and freedom from wear.

Georjam offers full range of inductive proximity sensors. The complete range includes, 3mm miniature sensor, long range and weld immune sensors. Teflon coated and steel face sensors for harsh environment. We also offer standard and extended range sensors from M5 up to M30 in PNP, NPN N/O N/C configurations.

Capacitive Proximity Sensors

These are electronic transducers which provide an output signal when any type of material (Wood, metal plastic, granular and powder product) comes into their sensing area without coming into contact.

Cylindrical series 18 - 30 - 40 mm dia.

Totally screened and partially screened version

Adjustable sensing distance

Amplified 4 wire types NPN or PNP, NO+NC from 10 ÷ 55 Vdc

Amplified 2 wire types from 20 ÷ 250 Vac/dc

Relay output type with 1 pole changeover 1A ÷ 220 Vac

Supply voltage 18 ÷ 50 Vdc / 18 ÷ 240 Vac

Led incorporated

Short circuit protection for D.C. and A.C. versions

Maximum output current D.C. 200 mA, AC. 300 mA

Types with connector output

Types with instantaneous intervention or timing up to 15 min

Protection housing in HOSTAFORM if used as level control

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