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Signal Conditioning & Conversion

ISOLATION. A range of universal trouble-shooters

Our 2200- and 5000A-series constitute a complete range of isolators covering the entire spectrum within signal isolation. The patented STREAMSHIELD principle is integrated in the 5000A-series and ensures high immunity against e.g. conducted noise, transients and burst. The isolation modules handle the following functions:

Signal adaptation

Elimination of ground loops

Scaling of process values

Potential separation

Galvanic separation

Noise filtration

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FREQUENCY 4 & 5000-series

The 4000 series is a DIN rail mounted I/f converter which is programmed by way of the detachable programming interface 4501. The 4501 guides the user through all the configuration steps via scrolling help texts.

The 5000-series consists of several universal frequency and pulse modules that can be configured in PR electronics’ own windows-based program PReset. The following modules are part of the 5000-series:

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