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Digitron’s 2100 series

Digitron’s 2100 series of Digital Thermometers has been created to meet the demands of the ever changing food industry. It’s stylish design and enhanced features ensure a quality performance at all times.

  • Food Safe Keypad

  • Fast Response Display

  • Long battery life typically 1-2 hours of continuous use

  • IP67 waterproof case

  • Robust boot for long life in harsh environments

  • Selectable Auto Switch OFF

  • Magnified backlit digital display

  • Hold' facility on all models

  • Thermistor or thermocouple

  • °C or °F options(Selectable on 2108T)

  • Calibration certificate included

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ThermaCheck™ is a simple, reliable temperature recording system for HACCP compliance within the Food Industry.

Its simple set up and download procedure from your PC allows easy analysis and storage of your data and eliminates the need to use traditional paper based systems.

ThermaCheck™ samples, validates and records critical temperature points at multiple locations or process accurately storing over 10,000 readings. ThermaCheck‘s management software allows efficient and effective corrective action within food processing, storage and preparation areas.

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